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Reporting to the Executive Chef, the Executive Sous Chef will assist in leading a team while maintaining quality, consistency, inventory, and cost.


  • Comes to work on time, dressed and ready to perform.

  • Communicates with chef/sous chef and other Team Members to learn of daily menu needs, events, and important shift information.

  • Conducts walk-through of restaurant upon arrival to assess cleanliness and determine restaurant readiness; assesses stock and production status; determines production needs; visits each station to assess quality of previous night’s close and quality of remaining product and communicates this with other Team Members and managers/chefs.

  • Conducts walk-throughs during each shift in order to monitor each station’s product quality, the status of production, and ingredient supply (including walk-in refrigerator).

  • Ensures stations are appropriately staffed and stocked before the restaurant opens and throughout shifts.

  • Conducts uniform and line check at the start of and throughout each shift.

  • Executes staff schedules; ensures that all stations are appropriately staffed for the shift; ensures a smooth shift change following established procedures; assesses stations that need additional support and jumps in; phases out extra scheduled staff as volume permits; runs labour reports and enters staff schedule changes, adjusts clock in/out errors of Team Members when necessary.

  • Communicates with Team Members and other managers/chefs to plan and set expectations for the shift.

  • Communicates with chefs and managers to ensure required prep work is completed for each shift.

  • Ensures proper safety and sanitation procedures are upheld by all Team Members; ensures safe and sanitary workstations and walk-in.

  • Reads and writes notes in Manager’s Log, on waste sheets, etc.

  • Reviews all daily and weekly reports (e.g., actual vs. projected report, production sheets, inventory/invoices, daily detailed labor report), and communicates restaurant’s results.

  • Achieves continual growth in operational standards as demonstrated by improved efficiency and quality of food and kitchen operations.

  • Ensures benchmarks are achieved for Team Member development and retention.

  • Performs various human resource functions; sources qualified candidates from the local area; holds departmental meetings to give direction and provide information to Team Members; observes Team Members’ on-the-job performance and conducts kitchen Team Member performance evaluations; is accountable for kitchen hiring, routine written performance appraisals, discipline and terminations.

  • Teaches culinary skills and proper technique, trains and supervises team members on all restaurant procedures; teaches and coaches while correcting Team Members; helps create and maintain written goals and benchmarks for self and Team Member development, analyzes the performance of Team Members while on the job.

  • Helps achieve profit objectives by measuring and managing food, waste and labor costs and controllable expenses; analyzes production sheets; minimizes waste and labor costs; monitors receivable pricing and makes price changes when necessary; checks specs on deliveries; understands and achieves financial goals. Checks portioning, garnishing, temperature, taste, and appearance of food to ensure quality and recipe adherence.

  • Operates and maintains the working order of all equipment in the kitchen; troubleshoots equipment, and organizes repairs and maintenance.

  • Is responsible for kitchen inventory and purchasing; ensures that there is enough product on hand to complete daily production; orders new stock; purchases special order supplies if necessary; ensures proper rotation and labeling of ingredients and products.

  • Understands and interprets P&Ls and other financial statements.

  • Interacts with FOH Team Members and Guests by greeting them, providing service, answering questions, solving problems, and handling complaints.

  • Manages freezer and walk-in, assesses first use needs in walk-in to ensure reduced product waste; ensures all freezer pulls are performed pro-actively.

  • Protects the integrity of all recipes and procedures.

  • Follows established procedures to obtain results and ensures proper opening and closing procedures and proper station set-up compliance.

  • Adjusts PAR levels as appropriate; ensures accuracy of production sheets; anticipates and communicates production changes to Team Members immediately.

  • Reviews invoices to ensure accuracy, correcting errors if necessary.


  • 4-6 years of previous culinary experience in premium restaurants

  • International cuisine knowledge

  • Ability to lead and motivate others, and build a diverse and effective team

  • Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities

  • Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment

  • Experience with Microsoft Office is required

  • Must have valid work permit to work in Canada

  • Demonstrates exceptional energy and stamina; upholds the highest quality standards for food, service and financial management and kitchen operations 

  • Upholds the values and principles in our vision, is positive and constant in the development of themselves and those around them.


  • Competitive compensation and group benefits

  • Mentorship and guidance from experienced industry professionals

  • Growth opportunities within our various concepts

  • 50% off to all CHG specific restaurants

To apply, email your cover letter and resume to Please indicate the role in the subject line.